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Perhaps the most pressing concerns occur when drainage issues are caused by problems with the sewer lines (and in particular, the side sewers). The potential hazard is immediate and obvious. Waste water can back up into the home and onto a homeowner’s property. Aside from the noxious odor, this waste water can contaminate the area with bacteria-laden sewage, posing a potential health hazard to anyone who comes in contact with it. all seasons earthworks side sewer contractors Many Marysville sewer repair problems stem from a side sewer clog that can constitute an emergency, requiring a drain plumber repair. If you are not sure you have a clog in the sewer main, ask us for an evaluation or check the plumbing yourself. A sewer clog is what a plumber refers to as a ‘side sewer’ clog where the drain is clogged between your home foundation and the city’s sewer main where a run of the mill plumber can’t reach. Marysville Sewer Repair Contractors logo

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For the average homeowners in Marysville, side sewer lines aren’t generally on their list of home maintenance projects. Yet side sewers serve an important function, carrying waste water from a home to the main city sewer line. Whether they realize it or not, when it comes to side sewers, Marysville residents are each individually responsible for the maintenance and repair of the side sewer lines connected to their home or business. All Seasons Earthworks, LLC, side sewer contractors, is the area’s foremost specialist when it comes to side sewers and land drainage solutions, and we are here to help you keep your side sewer functioning properly.

How to avoid costly sewer repairs

A major problem with a side sewer line can result in one of the most costly and inconvenient repairs a homeowner can face. So how do you avoid those problems? Of course, regular inspection and maintenance by a company like All Seasons Earthworks is key to keeping things flowing smoothly. But there are steps every homeowner can take to help keep their side sewer in good shape.

Helping to keep your Marysville side sewer working right

First and foremost, homeowners should watch what they dump down their drain. Even with a garbage disposal, homeowners should never put greasy substances, such as oil, fat, or candle wax, down any drain in their home—not even the toilet. The grease will accumulate over time and can cause a blockage in the lines, including the side sewer. Marysville residents should always dispose of greasy substances in the trash, never down the drain.

What to watch for- The "root" cause of Marysville sewer repair issues

One of the most common causes of problems with Marysville side sewers is tree roots growing into and around the lines. Homeowners can lessen the changes of this happening by making sure the area where the side sewer line is located is free of trees and large shrubs. Of course this requires knowing the exact location of the side sewer. Marysville homeowners should make it a priority to know where this line is located on their property. This way, not only can they avoid placing trees and other landscaping on or near that area, but they can keep an eye on the area for signs of potential problems, such as poor drainage. Marysville residents should always take seriously any sign of water saturation or odor near the site of their side sewer, and should take immediate action if they notice any such condition as it can be the sign of a major problem in the works.

Finally, homeowners should make sure the area where the side sewer is located is properly graded and sloped. A slope that is too gradual can heighten the chance of blockages in the sewer line. At All Seasons Earthworks Sewer Contractors, we can help determine whether or not the area is properly sloped and graded, and can correct any problems we see in that regard.

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Why not contact All Seasons Earthworks Sewer Contractors today and find out how we can help you maintain your side sewer? Marysville residents can also get a free consultation and estimate on any side sewer or land drainage project they have in mind.