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Perhaps the most pressing concerns occur when drainage issues are caused by problems with the sewer lines (and in particular, the side sewers). The potential hazard is immediate and obvious. Waste water can back up into the home and onto a homeowner’s property. Aside from the noxious odor, this waste water can contaminate the area with bacteria-laden sewage, posing a potential health hazard to anyone who comes in contact with it. all seasons earthworks side sewer repair Many plumbing drainage problems stem from a side sewer clog that can constitute an emergency, requiring a drain plumber repair. If you are not sure you have a clog in the sewer main ask us for an evaluation or check the plumbing yourself. A sewer clog is what a plumber refers to as a ‘side sewer’ clog where the drain is clogged between your home foundation and the city’s sewer main where a run of the mill plumber can’t reach. all seasons earthworks land clearing logo

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Side sewers, sometimes referred to as lateral sewers, are waste water lines that connect a home or business to the main city sewer line. These lines are situated underground on the private property of the home or business they service. When it comes to maintaining your side sewer, Lynnwood residents may be surprised to learn that it is the responsibility of the home or business owner. Similarly, if there is a is a problem with the side sewer line, home and business owners are responsible for the repair. All Seasons Earthworks, LLC specializes in the maintenance and repair of sides sewers. We also address any resultant issues with land drainage. Lynnwood and the surrounding area has relied on our expert services for over 15 years, and our base of satisfied customers is growing every day!

Lynnwood Sewer repair Specialists

One of the biggest questions that we get at All Seasons Earthworks is how to recognize that there is a problem with the side sewer line. Admittedly, problems with the side sewer are hard to distinguish from issues with the indoor plumbing system. For instance, slow drainage may be one of the first signs of a problem with the side sewer. Lynnwood residents may notice that their toilet bowls are slow to flush, or that the water in shower drain or sink just doesn’t go down very fast. When dealing with this type of slow drainage, Lynnwood homeowners, in thinking there is a blockage in the drain pipe, may employ self-help methods (such as drain cleaner), or call a commercial rooter company. In some instances, this may solve the problem, at least temporarily. However, if the blockage is actually in the side sewer, Lynnwood area plumbers generally don’t have the tools, equipment, and experience to address the issue, and a side sewer specialist is needed. But how do you know if the problem is originating with the side sewer? One tell-tale sign is if the problem reoccurs after the drain is cleared. Further, if water backs up into the drain, or has a foul odor, it is time to call a side sewer specialist to assess the situation. When it comes to the side sewer, the earlier a problem is caught, the better.

Lynnwood Sewer Repair Analysis

At All Seasons Earthworks, we perform a thorough analysis of the situation to determine whether or not the problem stems from the side sewer. If we find that the problem lies within the indoor plumbing, we’ll recommend that you find a plumber or rooter company who can handle the job. But if the problem is with the side sewer, we’ll diagnose exactly what it is and recommend the best course of action. If the problem requires the repair or replacement of the side sewer line, we have the excavation equipment and expertise needed to get the job done quickly and precisely, with as little inconvenience to you as possible. We also can perform regular inspections and maintenance to make sure your lines stay in good shape can cause no major issues in the future.

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Side sewers are an essential part of your home’s sewer system. They take waste water from your house and deposit it into the main city sewer line. Consequently, when there are problems with the side sewer, Lynnwood residents can experience all types of problems in their home and on their property, including back up of waste water and poor land drainage. Lynnwood and the surrounding area consistently rely on the experts at All Seasons Earthworks, LLC for side sewers repair, replacement, and maintenance. We specialize in all types of side sewer issues and land drainage problems.

Weather impacts Lynnwood Side Sewer

Weather impacts Lynnwood Side SewerDifferent things can negatively affect side sewer function and, in the Pacific Northwest region, Mother Nature plays a big role in this regard. For instance, it’s no secret that in this area of the country we get a lot of rain. During heavy rains, the rain water can get into the wastewater system causing a “peak flow” to occur. In severe storms, this flow can be as much as seven times the normal flow. This can overwhelm wastewater sewer lines, including side sewer; Lynnwood property owners can experience a back up of waste water and even damage to the sewer line. In other instances, tree roots can grow into and cause damage to side sewer lines. This is especially true for older lines that are made of clay or other such material. When this happens the sewer line can crack, become blocked and eventually rupture, causing a whole host of problems with waste water backup and drainage. Lynnwood homeowners might not recognize the warning signs of this particular problem, such as slow-flushing toilets and slow draining water, until the issue becomes much bigger. That’s why it is important to have a company with side sewer expertise come out to do regular inspections and maintenance. With our professional, expert analysis, we can often discover potential problems and fix them before they become turn into a major issue requiring more extensive measures.

Still, even for those times when major repair, replacement or installation is required, All Seasons Earthworks has the equipment and the know-how to get the job done in the most efficient and least disruptive fashion possible. Plus, we’ll offer you the most cost-conscious solution, and will keep you advised during every step of the project, so you know exactly what’s going. After all, when it comes to side sewer, Lynnwood residents deserve a company that not only has the expertise to get the job done right, but also treats their customers with the utmost courtesy and respect. At All Seasons Earthworks, we are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, and want to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients.

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