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Dealing with Standing Water in your Yard

What do you do when you have water in the back yard that refuses to drain? And what if the yard is the lowest point in your landscaping and you have no way to route the water off the property?

One solution might be a cistern based drainage solution. Not only can you drain the water but you can collect water for use in car washing and plant watering in the drier areas of your landscape. Adding a pump to the cistern let's you easily retrieve the water and redistribute it where needed. You can even add filters to the cistern to clean the water before use.

Building a cistern drainage system is not that difficult. You can source a cistern from a wide variety of suppliers such as Rainwater Harvest. Be sure to adequately size the cistern to serve your specific problem. We at All Seasons are skilled at rural and suburban Arlington, Edmonds, and Everett drainage systems and can help you plan your solution.

A cistern can be placed above ground or below ground. If below ground you might want to hire an excavator to dig an appropriate hole for you. If placed below ground then a pump can be used to pump the water out for usage. If the cistern is placed above ground then a collection vessel will be needed and a pump will be required to pump the water out of the collection vessel and into the cistern.

Cisterns can be outfitted with alarms to let you know when it is becoming too full and you will need to pump water out for use or just for disposal.

Of course you can live without a cistern at all and just pump the water from a collection vessel to a sloped area of your landscaping where it can drain. However, employing a cistern drainage system is a good green solution for the environment.