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We do new construction and site remediation for waterproofing and drainage control. We are familiar with all types of property drainage issues, and can offer realistic and practical solutions to avoid the serious consequences that poor drainage can cause.

Drainage issues usually involve the accumulation of standing or ponding water on the property. It can also involve the over-saturation of the soil. Drainage problems can result from any number of factors. The natural slope a homeowner’s property (or even the adjacent property) in certain areas can cause rain water and runoff to accumulate in certain sections, resulting in problems with drainage. At All Seasons Earthworks we can sculpt the property for proper run-off. If the property cannot be sculpted to address run off, we can install any one of french drains, curtain drains, or footing drains. all seasons earthworks land preparation logo

Many homeowners experience chronic problems with water pooling and ponding on their property. Some may believe it’s just something they have to live with and is a normal part of home ownership. It’s not! In Bothell, drainage problems are common because of the area that we live in—but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fixed. At All Seasons Earthworks, we are drainage is one of our specialties, and we can help you resolve any water drainage issues you have, large or small.

Many reasons for Bothell Drainage Issues

In Bothell, drainage issues can be caused by any number of reasons. We can identify and rectify the causes types of drainage issues. In our many years we’ve seen it all. For instance, did you know that one of the most common causes of water drainage issues is the location of your property in relation to your neighbors? Some people may not even realize that their homes are actually located slightly downhill of their surrounding neighbors. A hill doesn’t have to be steep or obvious to cause issues with water drainage. In fact, even a slight variation in slope can cause water runoff directly onto your property. What do you do in a situation like this? Typically, unless you can somehow move your entire property up onto a hill, you will need an effective drainage system. Bothell homeowners have turned to All Seasons Earthworks for over 15 years for the quick and professional installation of all kinds of drainage systems. Our dedicated experts know what works best for all types of situations, and will design a drainage system around your particular needs and location.

Free Assessments

Our experts will come out and meet with you, free of charge, to assess your situation and discuss which options might work best for your situation. In the Puget Sound region, including Bothell, drainage issues can be tricky because of the topography of the land and the various types of soil encountered. For instance, some situations might require the installation of a French drainage system. Other situations might dictate the use of a grassy swale to redirect the water. Our dedicated professionals have the experience needed to assess any situation and recommend the solution that will work best for you. We will give you a no obligation written estimate and we will give you our full attention until the job is complete. We’ll never leave you stranded with a job half done, or done improperly. In fact, we pride ourselves on our unsurpassed record of customer satisfaction. Don’t take our word for it—feel free to read our customer testimonials.

When it comes to drainage, Bothell deserves only the highest quality service available; and that’s exactly what All Seasons provides. Feel free to call us today, or use the convenient contact form on our website.

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