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Do you know what a side sewer is? Many homeowners haven’t heard of it, yet it is a crucial aspect of their home and property. If there’s a problem with the side sewer, Bothell residents can experience a host of issues ranging from backed up plumbing to problems with water saturation and drainage. Bothell, like most towns and cities, has a city sewer system. The side sewer is the line that connects a home or business to that main line—it takes waste from the home to the city sewer, where it is disposed of. However, many homeowners don’t realize that the repair and maintenance of that line is their responsibility.

Bothell Side sewer Experts

At All Seasons Earthworks, LLC, we are the area’s side sewer specialists. With over 15 years of experience with excavation and side sewers, Bothell residents can rely on us to expertly perform any type of side sewer repair or replacement.

Potential causes of Bothell Side sewer problems

There are several primary problems that can affect your side sewer line. One of the most common issues in this part of the country arises from tree root damage. While the Pacific Northwest is known for its natural beauty, sometimes Mother Nature intrudes on homeowners. Those gorgeous trees that surround so many homes have roots that can cause significant damage to a side sewer. In many instances, due to time and natural forces (such as the expansion and contraction of the soil), sewer lines develop tiny cracks or loose joints. These cracks and joints often emit a warm vapor that escapes into the cooler soil, which serves to attract tree roots with the promise of moisture and nutrients. Tiny hair-like roots then grow into the cracks and invade the sewer line. Over time, these roots continue to grow, filling the line like a tangled net, which catches grease, grit, and debris flushed as waste through the sewer line. As this debris clings onto the roots, the flow of water slows and may stop completely. If left unchecked, this can lead to unpleasant sewage back-ups, leakage, and even burst pipes. Since these side sewer lines are buried under ground, most homeowners have no clue what is happening until problems occur. Still, without knowing what is going on with the side sewer, Bothell homeowners might dismiss a slow flushing toilet or sluggish drain as nothing more than an inconvenience. Even when there is significant water seepage and drainage, Bothell is a damp environment and such issues can go unnoticed for quite some time. The longer the problem remains, the more costly damage will likely occur.

Trained to understand Bothell Sewer repair

The professionals at All Seasons Earthworks are trained to recognize the signs that indicate a potential problem. Whether it’s as simple as a slow running drain, or a toilet that doesn’t flush quite right, at the first sign of a problems, don’t hesitate to give All Seasons a call. We’ll analyze the situation, diagnose the problem, and recommend a course of action before things progress from bad to worse.

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