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We do new construction and existing site repairs for drainage problems. We are familiar with all types of property drainage issues and offer realistic and practical solutions to avoid the serious consequences that poor drainage can cause.

The Impact of Drainage Problems

Drainage issues usually involve the accumulation of standing or ponding water on the property. It can also involve the over-saturation of the soil. Drainage problems can result from any number of factors. The natural slope a homeowner’s property (or even the adjacent property) in certain areas can cause rain water and runoff to accumulate in certain sections, resulting in problems with drainage. At All Seasons Earthworks we can sculpt the property for proper run-off. If the property cannot be sculpted to address run off, we can install any one of french drains, curtain drains, or footing drains. all seasons earthworks land preparation logo

Edmonds is Susceptible to Drainage Problems

Sometimes, what you don’t see can hurt you. Hidden drainage issues are a perfect example of that. In Edmonds, drainage issues account for a large percentage of problems with basement leakage and foundational erosion. At All Seasons Earthworks, we are experts in detecting and resolving drainage issues that can be effecting the structural integrity of your home. When it comes to drainage and drainage systems, Edmonds residents have trusted our expertise for over 15 years!

Poor Soil Compaction Causes Drainage Problems

Drainage issues affecting your home’s foundation and structure can be traced to a number of different causes. One of the most common causes stems from the improper or incomplete compaction of the soil when the foundation is initially laid. Often, if a grading contractor does not adequately compact the soil, the soil will settle over time, resulting in differential settling—basically, an uneven settling of the home’s foundation. This will result in cracks, leakage, and drainage problems impacting the foundation of the house.

A Number of Mistakes Create Drainage Problems

In other instances, well-meaning landscapers fail to grade the property around the house properly, or inadvertently put plants and shrubs too close to the walls and foundation of the home. Both of these situations can cause problems with drainage. You may notice pooling or ponding of water around the outside walls of your home. You may notice a greater amount of runoff near the exterior of your home, in one area or another. Sometimes, the drainage issues are more subtle, and no collection of water is initially apparent, but symptoms start to appear. You may notice water seepage in the crawlspace or basement. You might also notice a damp, musty smell. Mold or mildew can become an issue and can start to pose a serious health threat. Cracks may appear along the walls from the differential settling of the foundation, and over time, the structural integrity of the home could be at risk.

Fortunately, there are ways to correct these types of drainage issues before they cause costly damage to your home and property. All Seasons Earthworks has the knowledge and skills needed to assess and fix these problems before they escalate into major issues. Whether through corrective grading or the installation of a drainage system, many Puget Sound and Edmonds homeowners have counted on All Seasons to get the job done in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing our customers with the best service possible in a courteous, respectful, and expeditious manner. No matter what the situation, All Seasons is your Edmonds drainage contractor.

Why not call us today for a free consultation or no-obligation estimate? Or you can use our convenient online form. Either way, you can rest assured that, when it comes to problems with drainage, Edmonds’ own All Seasons Earthworks is here to help!

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