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Is your sewer plugged?

Help, my sewer is clogged!

Is it really? Make sure your clogged drain is not just interior plumbing in the home. Look at all your drains. Do they all drain slowly or not at all? Or is it only a single or a couple of drains that are slow or clogged. If they are all clogged you probably has a clogged side sewer.

What the heck caused this?

Side sewer clogs can be caused by the wrong thing being put down the toilet / drain. It can also be caused by old orange pipe collapsing due to age. One of the more common reasons is tree root intrusion causing blockages. If it is a pipe collapse or a tree root obstruction, a section of the pipe needs to be removed and replaced.

If it is blocked by a wayward object, a plumbers snake will likely do the trick. If you do find that the problem requires replacement, call us, All Seasons Earthworks. Our Arlington sewer repair business has expertise in finding, digging and replacing bad pipe while protecting other areas of your property.

Can I do it myself?

If you need to snake your sewer line, it is possible to do it yourself. You will need to find the sewer access cap first. Rent a snake from your local rental company. A power snake is most likely what you will need since this is typically a 6” pipe and the distances are long. Read an article or two about doing this yourself.

If you need to dig up the pipe, doing it yourself it certainly possible but you need a strong back, a lot of patience, and a lot of time (without plumbing). Make sure you know how to splice in a new pipe section also. And finally check your city's permitting requirements and whether or not a license is required to do the work or if an inspection is required on completion.