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We are drainage contractors doing new construction and site remediation drainage control. We are familiar with all types of property drainage issues, and can offer realistic and practical solutions to avoid the serious consequences that poor drainage can cause.

Drainage issues usually involve the accumulation of standing or ponding water on the property. It can also involve the over-saturation of the soil. Drainage problems can result from any number of factors. The natural slope a homeowner’s property (or even the adjacent property) in certain areas can cause rain water and runoff to accumulate in certain sections, resulting in problems with drainage. At All Seasons Earthworks we can sculpt the property for proper run-off. If the property cannot be sculpted to address run off, we can install any one of french drains, curtain drains, or footing drains. lynnwood drainage logo


The Puget Sound region is one of the most beautiful areas of the Country but when it comes to landscaping and land drainage, Lynnwood and the surrounding area do face some challenges. For instance, different locations in the region have different types of soil which, in turn, can have a significant impact on drainage issues. The professionals at All Seasons Earthworks have lived and worked in this area for years. Consequently, we are well-versed in what particular drainage problems affect this region and how to solve them most effectively.

Causes of Lynnwood drainage issues

Did you know that home sites with clay soil suffer the most problems with lingering surface water? Clay soil is not as porous as other types, and water does not absorb as easily. Consequently, pooling and ponding of water can become a major issue, causing property erosion and possibly even threatening the structural integrity of your house. Often times, such issues can be addressed by installing what’s known as a French drainage system. Homeowners who have them in place have virtually no problem at all controlling water ponding on their property. Basically, when a French drain is installed, a trench is dug to a certain depth, depending on the circumstances, then filled with gravel. Sometimes a perforated drain line is laid in as well. Geo textiles are placed over the top and the soil is replaced. The surrounding area is graded so that any accumulating water will drain into the trench and dispersed accordingly. When done correctly, the area where the French drain is located is virtually undetectable, but the benefits are immediately noticeable.

Whether we are installing a French drain or some other type of drainage system, All Seasons Earthworks will do the job quickly, expertly, and with as little disruption as possible. Our customers matter to us, and we will always treat you and your property with the utmost courtesy and respect. We stand behind ever job we do, guaranteeing your satisfaction. While we are experts in issues relating to land drainage, Lynnwood residents can count on us for a host of other services as well, such as land clearing and grading, snow removal, landscaping, debris cleanup, and concrete removal/replacement. No matter what the size or scope of your job, you’ll get our personalized service and satisfaction guarantee.

Call us today to learn more about our services. You will receive a free, no obligation consultation and estimate. We’re happy to answer any questions you have!

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