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Perhaps the most pressing concerns occur when drainage issues are caused by problems with the sewer lines (and in particular, the side sewers). The potential hazard is immediate and obvious. Waste water can back up into the home and onto a homeowner’s property. Aside from the noxious odor, this waste water can contaminate the area with bacteria-laden sewage, posing a potential health hazard to anyone who comes in contact with it. all seasons earthworks side sewer repair Many plumbing drainage problems stem from a side sewer clog that can constitute an emergency, requiring a drain plumber repair. If you are not sure you have a clog in the sewer main ask us for an evaluation or check the plumbing yourself. A sewer clog is what a plumber refers to as a ‘side sewer’ clog where the drain is clogged between your home foundation and the city’s sewer main where a run of the mill plumber can’t reach. all seasons earthworks land clearing logo

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Side sewers, sometimes referred to as lateral sewers, are waste water lines that connect a home or business to the main city sewer line. These lines are situated underground on the private property of the home or business they service. When it comes to maintaining these side sewers, Snohomish residents may be surprised to learn that it is the responsibility of the home or business owner. Similarly, if there is a is a problem with the side sewer line, home and business owners are responsible for the repair. All Seasons Earthworks, LLC specializes in the maintenance and repair of sides sewers. We also address any resultant issues with land drainage. Snohomish and the surrounding area has relied on our expert services for over 15 years, and our base of satisfied customers is growing every day!

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